22 College Room Decor Ideas

22 College Room Decor Ideas

If you have not lived in a hostel yet, then you can’t even imagine how interesting and exciting it is to decorate it, think through the interior and decor. Immediately I want to warn freshmen that your dorm room will be much smaller than you expect.

Today I will tell you about how you can radically change your dorm room by doing just one thing - raising the bed. And you will learn how to do it right and how to equip the vacant space.

I present to you 22 ideas of unusual and stylish dormitory beds. The main rule is to raise your bed!

1. The modified “bunk bed”

The modified “bunk bed”

Few people like bunk beds, and if you and your roommate are just such people, but you really need free space, then you can use this idea. To make everything look harmonious and stylish - use a minimum of colors, for example, do everything in gray and add bright yellow accents.

2. Hammock in the attic

You have no idea how popular a hammock is in college. Many students have it, because it replaces a chair or sofa, and also looks very interesting. You can use this idea in the cold season, when you cannot use a hammock on the street.

3. Rest area under the bed

An excellent solution is to place seats under the bed, and opposite them, for example, a TV, or also seats, and in the middle - a table. In addition to the seats, you can make an extra bed in case one of your friends stays overnight.
Sitting under a loft bed is a great option for sleeping or an extra bed if one of your friends comes and stays with you!

A table under the bed.

1. Fur cute chair

As we know, often in dormitories the furniture is not the cutest, newest and most comfortable. These are the most ordinary and simple chairs, which are often not even comfortable. If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a new chair or chair, then you can simply cover this chair with a fur cape or bedspread. Thus, firstly, your room will become nicer and more comfortable, and, secondly, the seat will become more comfortable and pleasant. A garland perfectly harmonizes with fur.

2. Turn the chair

This is another great idea on how to arrange a place under the bed. Just turn the chair with the back to the wall and the head of the bed. Thus, on the other side you will have a place to store some things. And on the opposite side you can place some kind of box or organizer.

3. No tapestry anywhere!

Do you want to at least adorn the walls of the room and arrange everything in the same style? Then the tapestry is exactly what you need. You can use it on the wall behind the work area and bed.

4. Lights and garlands

Do not forget about the extra lighting in your room. Be sure to use a variety of bulbs and lights to make your home more functional and cute. Do not be afraid to combine different styles, shapes and colors.

5. Large armchair

Large armchair

Just look how the table fits perfectly under this bed! Use this idea in order to properly organize the space in your dorm room. And under the table you can put a small refrigerator, a waste-basket and containers for storing various things.

6. Lovely curtains and chairs

Lovely curtains and chairs

Do you want to design a room in the loft style? Then be sure to use sets of different styles, different lighting and curtains that will give comfort.

7. Cute pink

Cute pink

Not sure which color combination to choose? Try gray and pink gold - these are the two colors that blend perfectly. If you are a freshman girl, then this is one of the cutest and most cozy ideas for you. Also, do not be afraid to experiment and mix styles - different lights, decorative pillows of different sizes and shapes, seats, a carpet of fur and curtains will make your room unique.

Seats under

1. Experiment with color schemes

Experiment with color schemes

The idea to create a sitting area under the bed is very interesting and practical. You can create your own mini cinema. When creating it, you can use various themes - marine, gray or pink, or mix everything all at once! Do not forget to focus on things, for example, on pink lights or a bright pillow, but bedding and curtains are better to choose more restrained tones.

2. Living room under the bed

Living room under the bed

Yes, and this is also possible, even in the smallest room! Under one bed you can place a comfortable easy chair, a kitchenette and organizers for storing things, and under the second a small sofa with cute pillows. Do not forget that the hostel is primarily communication and dating, so the table where you can place drinks and snacks will definitely come in handy.

3. A hammock chair

Do not know how interesting, fashionable, but at the same time fun to diversify your room? Then the idea with a hammock is perfect for you!

4. The combination of gray and pink

The combination of gray and pink

This is one of calmest, but at the same time stylish color combinations. In such colors you can decorate the entire room, pick up rugs, bedding, carpet, etc.

5. White skin

White skin

Be unique and don't forget about beauty! If you are used to living in comfortable conditions and sleeping on beautiful furniture, but why not transfer it to the hostel? Just look how beautifully and harmoniously this white sofa fit into this interior! Gold will be perfectly combined with it.

6. Bed and Hammock Chair

Need space? Then the idea of creating compact bunk beds will definitely suit you, so you can significantly expand the room, as well as create a place to store things and relax.

7. Double bed

Double bed

There is a place above to sleep, and below - to relax or chat with friends. Is it really convenient? Plus, the interesting color of the sofa makes the interior of the room unusual, and under it you can store things.

Organization under the bed

1. The combination of turquoise and gray

The combination of turquoise and gray

The combination of gray and turquoise is a very interesting and bold decision, so the room looks very interesting and unusual. And to add interesting accents, a small table was used in the photo, while the other side of the space was fully used for organizing and storing things.

2. Black and white with fur

The use of such familiar and classic colors as black and white will always be advantageous. Under the bed you can make a wonderful area for organization or a zone for makeup. To make the room look even more interesting, you can add fur accents.

3. Reasonable organization of space

When creating the interior, try to rationally use literally every centimeter of space. And to make everything look stylish and interesting, choose bright and unusual ones to the baskets and cubes for organization. You can dilute the interior with soft seats with rugs and pillows.

4. Organization of TV

TV Organization

This idea with a raised bed and a TV placed under it is an ideal example of how you can create a relaxation area even in a dormitory room. Under the TV you can place a nightstand with cubes for organization, but not all of them can be used. But you can put a small coffee machine on the refrigerator, because there is no student who does not drink coffee.

5. All at once

All at once

This idea demonstrates how to place a TV, coffee machine, printer, and even a refrigerator under the bed. And under the equipment you can always place boxes for storing things.

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