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Can a humidifier keep you safe from the flu and colds?

Can a humidifier keep you safe from the flu and colds?

Humidity has a significant impact on our health and the quality of our lives. When it’s too high or too low, we might get sick. And ideally, the level of humidity in the house should be around 45%. Then we can feel comfortable and avoid any issues.

The spikes in the number of people getting sick with flu and general colds usually happen at the end of the autumn, during the winter, and at the beginning of spring. And we tend to blame it on the chilly weather and high humidity. But actually, we often get sick because of the heating. Weird, right? Let us explain.

Heating lowers the level of humidity

While heating keeps us warm, it also dries out the air in households. Sometimes, the level of humidity can drop down to 25-30% — and that’s not good for the health. Dry air causes a lot of breathing issues, problems with skin, and worsens our well-being in general. But also, it makes us more vulnerable to infections.

How does dry air make us sick with flu and colds?

The insides of our nose, mouth, and throat are lined with mucous membranes that are more sensitive and vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. To protect them, our body produces mucous — sticky and thick substance that covers the membranes keeping them moisturized. Also, this fluid catches all foreign particles including microorganisms that could infect us with diseases. Mucous constantly moves, and we can easily discharge it by sneezing or blowing the nose. But dry air messes up with this process.

There are three ways of how low humidity can make things go south.

The body can’t produce enough mucous

Then the membranes dry out and become more vulnerable to infections. Also, overly dry membranes tend to crack — that’s how we get nosebleeds. Those cracks heal slowly because of the dryness, and they become a quite welcoming gateway for viruses and bacteria. And that’s the first reason why we get sick during cold seasons more often.

The body produces too much mucous

Our universe loves balance, even when it comes to mucous. Too much of it creates problems — we struggle to discharge all of it, and it slides down the throat bringing all the harmful microorganisms it has gathered right to our lungs. There, viruses and bacteria can multiply freely causing sickness. So that’s the second reason for us to catch the flu and colds in winter.

Mucous gets too thick

Then it becomes harder to discharge and get stuffed sinuses. Meanwhile, all the microorganisms that got trapped in mucous, mind their business trying to infect the body. Sure, mucous can trap and tame them a bit, but it doesn’t stop them from spreading if you can’t discharge this substance. And that’s the third reason for us to get sick because of the heating.

How to stay healthy during cold seasons?

Of course, hypothermia plays its role in us getting flu and colds in winter — it weakens our body a bit making it more vulnerable to diseases. However, it’s virtually impossible to get infected if there is no harmful microorganism present. That’s why we should focus not just on keeping ourselves warm, but on improving the ability of the body to protect itself from getting infected.

So, while trying to eat healthier, exercise, and get enough sleep, you should also improve the conditions you live in. Let the heater keep you warm, and add a humidifier to create a duo that will create a comfortable environment in your household. HuPro humidifiers can produce both cold and warm fog — the latter will improve the warmth of your home. Also, our devices will measure the level of humidity to keep you informed, and ionize the air. The auto mode of HuPro will keep the moisture in the air on the desired level.

Things to consider when using a humidifier

This device can improve the conditions of your house greatly, but you should use it properly to avoid issues. It’s easy to take care of a humidifier to keep yourself healthy. First of all, stick to filling it with distilled water — then you will be safe from any harmful particles tap water has. Of course, HuPro has filters that can make the fog cleaner. Yet, it’s better to avoid all the risks and just use distilled water.

Also, you should clean the humidifier to avoid any mold that might occur because of the moisture or build-ups from water. And finally, keep the level of humidity at around 45% — HuPro will show you the current level of moisture in the room, so it’s easy to control the environment. Too high humidity can be harmful as well.

Follow these simple guidelines, and a humidifier will keep you healthy during the cold season!

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